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Frequently Asked Questions

On the Product

Can all types of garments be dried in the drying cabinet? Yes. The cabinet is suitable for all clothing including outdoor, leisure, sports garments, footwear and laundry items. It can even dry items with a high Lycra and Nylon content unlike a standard tumble dryers.
How long does it take to dry items in the cabinet? This will depend on the type of item you are drying. However the cabinets have a clever “Humidity Tracking System” that senses the moisture in the cabinet and will automatically turn the unit off when all items are dry, thus reducing energy cost. This means the cycle could be less than 25 minutes or extend to on average 60 minutes depending on the dampness of the garments.
My garment has a “Do Not Tumble Dry” label on it. Can this till go in the cabinet? Yes. It is safe to place all fabrics in the cabinet including woollens and silks. The cabinets dry items slowly without the mechanical action of a tumble dryer. The heating level inside the cabinet can be adjusted to suit the contents.
What cabinet do I need? At Podab we offer a range of drying cabinets to suit all different needs and requirements. We base our recommendation on a number of different factors including size of business and garment type. We believe in getting to know our customers’ needs to provide the correct advice. Please call the office on 020 8936 7083 and we will be happy to assist 
I know where I need my drying cabinet to be placed but there is no ducting. Is this a problem? Not at all. We will work with customers to provide a full solution. The TS 63VP is energy efficient as it uses heat pump technology, which allows any residual moisture to collect in a condensing unit.


 On the Installation

Are the cabinet’s fixed or free standing? All of our cabinets must be fixed to a wall. This is a safety requirement to avoid tipping.
How much space do I need for a drying cabinet? All technical specifications and measurements can be found on the product brochures, which are located at the bottom of each product page or in our download sections. We carry out a free site survey as standard to ensure your installation happens without a hitch.
Do all the cabinets require external ventilation? Not necessarily. It would depend on the cabinet model, size of the room the cabinets is situated in and if there is an existing ventilation system in place.


On the Technical Aspects

Do the cabinets comply with manufacturing standards? Yes. The cabinets are manufactured to ISO9001 standard, CE marked and independently tested and accredited.
Are technical manuals available for each product? Yes product brochures with some technical information is available in our download section. Technical manuals are available on request by calling the office on 020 8936 7083.


On After Sales and Engineering Support

Do the cabinets come with a warranty? Yes. A 12 month parts and labour warranty comes as standard. We are able to provide customers with tailor made maintenance contracts designed to your specific need.
What if my cabinets breaks down? What do I do? Simply call the office on 020 8936 7083 and we will arrange for an engineer to visit your site and get you back up and running as soon as possible. We have a 90% first call fix rate.
What happens if I need spare parts? Our engineers carry a comprehensive range of spare parts as standard stock items in their vehicles. Our warehouse carries a further 2,400 additional parts. If a specialist part is required and in stock with the manufactures we can arrange for this part to be with clients within 2/3 days with expedited shipping.

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